The Order of the Black Shamrock welcomes any individual regardless of Race, Creed, Nationality, or Religion.  The measure of a warrior is found in the strength and purity of his soul and it knows no borders or man-made restrictions.

We will turn no one away who pledges the oath to live by the noble standards as set forth in the documents of membership for the Order of The Black Shamrock.

We are not affiliated with any other organization which may also be using the black shamrock as part of their logo, in literature or in a business.

Membership Package $45.00

You must swear the oath of membership to join the order at the time you place your order for the membership package. The membership package includes the following:

1. Battle Shirt of The Order - This is the official Battle Shirt of The Order only available to members of The Order. This shirt features a Crusader's Cross on the front with the Rocker design around the Arms of The Order on the back. Special Gold foil highlights make this a visually stunning and classic design you'll be proud to wear.

2. Certificate of Membership - Beautiful Signed Certificate certifying official membership in the order, with your membership number.

3. Rules of the order - A frameable document of the 12 Noble Rules of the Order - 8.5" x 11" on Parchment Paper

4. Arms Sticker

5. Membership Wallet Card

6. Membership also grants the right of the member to use the official Coat of Arms of the Black Shamrock Order on stationary, correspondence, internet avatars, and e-mail signatures, etc. Available as downloads on membership only section.

7. Password to access Membership only section on website


Please allow 7-10 days to process your application for membership. Your membership package will be sent upon completion of the membership process.