The Order of The Black Shamrock is an organization, a brotherhood, formed to honor the warrior class and to promote the timeless ideals of Courage, Honor, Nobility, and Chivalry.

The Medieval Knight and the Royal Orders represented the ultimate warrior class of western civilization mirrored only in the East by the Samurai of Feudal Japan.  The Knight represented the ultimate culmination of skills and the epitome of human development.  Fearless in battle, heedless of death, driven by a cause and held to a strict set of moral standards.  To the common man, they represented the ultimate in human achievement.  And they represented the protector, their bulwark against evil.

These knights also represented the idea that someone possessed of such deadly skills and destructive force could at the same time be held accountable by an adherence to a code of strict moral, ethical, and honorable standards.  Standards held higher for them than any others.  Such was the definition of chivalry.

And this definition stands true today.  We are warriors.  We are warriors in the fight for justice, for truth, for freedom.  We are warriors against tyranny, against oppression, against evil in all its forms.  We are warriors for what is right and good.  We are warriors who protect those helpless, from harm.  We are warriors who fight to protect our way of life.  We are warriors who carry on the legacy of those who have gone before us, those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and the safety of our families.  We carry on the legacy of the warrior class, those who have always stepped to the frontline to place themselves as the last wall of defense between the evil that would destroy it and the precious things that we hold so dear.

This legacy has been borne true since the time of the noble knights and it is now held forth by those who heed to its calling to this day.  Those who stand watch over our neighborhoods and city streets.  From the dirt swept planes of Afghanistan to the front doors of our very homes where our families sleep at night, a warrior stands at the ready.  Whether you are a Soldier, Police Officer, Fireman, or a guardian, we are the brotherhood of warriors, the protectors, those who will not run from danger, but run to it, to seek its source and with shield and sword, strike it dead to stop its terrible spread.  We are the noble knights who will, without hesitation, and against fear, enjoin the battle to protect and guard the safety of those who lay their trust in us.

Not every man is a warrior, but for those that are, know that you are the steel that runs through the foundation of society and civilization and that without you there would be no liberty, no freedom and no justice for all.

The warrior is held to a higher standard.  The highest standard.  The greatest heroes in the history of the world have been warriors.  You are counted among those heroes, those times, those events that have shaped human history, that have built the greatest civilizations on this planet.  Count yourself among the ranks of those brothers and know that you stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have shaped the destiny of the world with steel, blood, fists, and glory.

You know who you are.  Carry the pride and bearing that befits the status that you have earned and that you hold.  Be proud that you have chosen to walk the path taken by few and revered by many.

And know also, that as warriors, we will never perish from the face of the Earth.

The Order of the Black Shamrock welcomes you.