The qualifications necessary for consideration of grant of knighthood are as follows;

Nomination is open only to an individual who is a current member of good standing in the order.

Nominations must come from a minimum of three brothers of the order for the individual being nominated.

The three nominations must include a written account of the reasons why the nominee should be considered for knighthood.  They should include detailed confirmation of character and examples of deed or action that exemplify the qualities worthy of the title of knight.

There will be a limit of 5 nominees per year for the title of knighthood.

Upon receipt of the nomination and the necessary accompanying written accounts, the information shall be reviewed by the existing Knights of the Roll and a vote shall be taken.  A majority vote shall constitute acceptance as having fulfilled the qualifications for Knighthood.  A time and date for the ceremony of Accolade shall then be set.

In the case of a tie vote, the founding member shall cast a deciding vote.

The role of Knighthood is an honor of the highest degree among the ranks of the Brother Members of the Order of the Black Shamrock.

Anyone who is nominated for the title of Knight should live to the highest standards of the Order and should have committed such acts as those that would exemplify those ideals and principles by such deeds.  These could include acts of charity, bravery, sacrifice or other such noble deeds that exemplify the 12 rules of chivalry of the Order.

Arrangements for the ceremony of Accolade (the Knighthood ceremony) will be made on an individual basis depending on the circumstance of the member, nominee.

Upon completion, the Knight shall be granted the title of Knight of the Order of the Black Shamrock and shall be known by his brothers and all those known thereafter as Sir Knight and Sir (Name of Knight).

His name shall be entered upon the roll of Knighthood of the Order.

The Knight shall be presented with the Knights dagger inscribed with his name and date of Accolade so that he shall never be without arms to defend his beliefs and his honor.