Be not afraid of adversity, hardship or of the cruel will of others for the knight who has moral courage shall wear his armour both inside and out, being always on the side of truth and his heart, will, and soul will stand impenetrable to the assault of his enemies.

Seek always the path of “right”, being not encumbered by bias or personal interest.  Seek the truth in all things ensuring that your decisions are just and righteous so that no matter the judgment of your actions, in this world or the next, they are held correct and good.

Know always those who are less fortunate than you, recognize them and give them willingly of your time, skills and worth without condition or want of repayment, for your reward shall be found much greater in their love, respect and gratitude.

Be always known for your unwavering commitment to the people and ideals you have chosen to live by.  Let no temptation ever assail the steadfastness of your sacred loyal word.

A knight must have faith in his beliefs, for being the rock of his foundation, faith roots him and gives hope against the despair that human failings create.

Seek great stature by holding always to the virtues and duties of a knight knowing that by your noble example your influence will offer a compelling example to others of what can be attained in the service of rightness.

Be mindful at all times that sometimes the greatest justice is found in mercy and forgiveness.  Though wronged, the granting of mercy may be the most valuable subject of your actions in such a time.

To seek excellence in and mastery of all skills required of a warrior knight in martial skills, physical health, physical prowess, and academic enrichment through the gathering of knowledge so as to be able to use all skills, both physical and mental as the strength needed to serve the defense of Justice and Freedom.